Youth dating and violence

The RALLYs awards honor the highest level of journalistic achievement in covering sexual violence and were presented at the Raliance Media Summit on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, D. This one-day event brought together journalists to discuss changing the landscape on sexual violence reporting.

Sexual violence is a complex topic for journalists to cover and can be even more difficult for the general public to understand.

This collection offers a doorway to the resources available through Safe Housing Partnerships, a project of the federal Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium.

The resources and tools included here are provided to advance your work at the critical intersection of domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, and housing.

Legislative action has long played an important role in the movement to end gender-based violence, often as a critical component of the grassroots activism of survivors, advocates, and other people committed to mobilizing to end gender-based violence.

This collection is designed to provide assistance to nonprofit organizations interested in participating in legislative advocacy.

This collection highlights key resources for the EITC, the Child Tax Credit, Health Coverage Tax Credits, and others, highlighting resources specific to domestic violence survivors and advocates working with survivors.

My people are from the world’s newest nation of South Sudan and we carry our culture everywhere we go.

The underlying belief of Stop Violence is that punishment after a crime is not effective crime prevention; a safe and peaceful society requires justice, not overdoses of prison, chain gangs and executions.External links in this course are current as of 8/2014.These links may be bookmarked for future reference. This module includes a pre-test, post-test, and course evaluation.provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).The goal of this module is to introduce Texas Health Steps providers and other health-care professionals to the prevalence of interpersonal youth violence, how it manifests itself in adolescents, and methods to prevent and screen for its impact on health.

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