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As with other extensions or add-ons, it can be configured and enabled through browser settings.Yahoo Search Set is a windows utility which sets the search provider and home page in all supported browsers to Yahoo.However, it didn’t mention anything about the new terms of service and privacy policy until it just began sending Classic users an email about having to switch. Yahoo bluntly tells users who refuse its new policies that they should either download their mail to another IMAP client, or close their account.In an aptly named Help center entry “Do I have to upgrade to the new Yahoo! ”, the company explains “Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Premium Mail Plus users who want to cancel their accounts can get a prorated refund. revealed Wednesday that it suffered a security breach in August 2013 that affected more than 1 billion member accounts, twice as many as in its 2014 hack.As in the earlier attack, the 2013 intruders apparently were not able to acquire credit card information, bank account data or unencrypted passwords.

And as many warn, anything you send in an email could end up public, so keep the naughty stuff off the web.Some are labeling the switch an aggressive invasion of privacy.An anonymous Jottit user writes: “Yahoo can now openly troll through email for personal information that it can share or hold onto indefinitely. Yahoo knows…” However, as commenters on Hacker News note, Gmail has long scanned your email to show you related ads.Plus, Yahoo Mail offers 1000 GB of free cloud storage, so you never have to worry about space again.- SIGN UP WITH ANY ACCOUNT - Works with non-Yahoo email addresses, including Gmail, Outlook and AOL.No Yahoo email address required.- CUSTOMIZE YOUR SWIPES - Choose different actions like delete, archive, move and more when you swipe left or right on a message.- GET NOTIFICATIONS FROM PEOPLE ONLY - Get notified only when you receive a new email from a person, not companies or newsletters.- CALLER ID - Not sure who is calling you?

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