Wow warrior intimidating shout

A warrior can change his stance to the berserker stance and gainimmunity to fear effects for a short time In those rare times when a player faces a line of enemies coming towards him, he should not forget about his own ares of effect fear ability, intimidating shout.

Intimidating shout may not be as effective or as long lasting as the single target spells of the priest or warlocks, but it can get the enemy running for a few seconds, buying the warrior’s Pv P team valuable time to cast their own offensive spells without fear of retaliation.

Hey all, I'm trying to make a macro that will use IS and then bandage me, but I can't get it to work.

So on my warrior Intimidating Shout is missing in fury spec. When i open my spellbook while in Prot spect and I tab over to fury its there. Because at various times, our talent choices mean we have to give up something else (see Rushing Jade Wind and Spinning Crane Kick, etc.).It's a pretty significant poblem one of our strongest tools.Intimidating shout incapacitates the main target and fears the others.If their raid does not want them for raids or a group does not want them to tank for them, odds are that someone wants a warrior or two to fill slots in a player versus player (Pv P) group.The good news is that the role of warrior switches slightly and warriors are not perceived to be the biggest threat in Pv P encounters.

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