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In the meantime, Rossi says that she and Smiley feel like they are already married so rushing down the altar simply isn't at the top of their list.Gretchen Rossi began dating Slade Smiley eight years ago after losing her former fiance, Jeff, to leukemia.The series answers the question, "can exes be friends? It is focused on the dating life of Jo De La Rosa, a former cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County.Jo enlists the help of her ex-fiance Slade Smiley plus her best friends Myia Ingoldsby and Katy Metz.

They have all planned dates and Martin, the real estate salesman, goes first.

In other words, this upcoming birth isn’t Gretchen getting ready to become a mother.

But based on several reports, it sounds like she could be getting pregnant any minute.

By the end of the day, Gretchen and Slade’s doctors had successfully harvested 19 eggs along with healthy sperm for fertilization. Everything looked like it was going just perfectly for us,” Gretchen says.

Six days after the fertilization process, however, Gretchen and Slade were informed that none of their embryos were viable for implantation.

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"I remember having a conversation with Gretchen and I said to her, ‘You're not doing anything. You have no kids, you're not married,' and lo and behold she came up with this big plan to propose to Slade," Tamra Judge said in a clip from the show, via E! Meanwhile, executive producer Andy Cohem added, "Gretchen and Slade had always toyed with the idea of getting engaged...

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