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Therefore, Matt Dillon is an American actor who is not involved in an open relationship with any celebrity at the present times.

Matt Dillon is an American actor and film director who is immensely popular for his work as an actor in the Film ‘Crash’ for which he was nominated and won various award gaining critically acclaimed from the viewers.

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] As for the nice list, Angelina, Orlando, Sean (kind of) and Matt Dillon made the cut.

He has expanded his range but maybe some still remember the early Matt. You can choose to believe me or not I've heard the claim for over 30 years. I was looking for something else on this site and saw the thread and many seemed interested in knowing more than about his sexuality so I decided to give a little insight. He was "discovered" at 14 (I think) thrown into this very surreal world and for the most part he's held up pretty well. He should've gone into the record industry after film because he has a knack for discovering new talent years before they go mainstream. south-east asia if my memory serves me right and he even went back to direct a movie in Thailand or Vietnam..he probably likes them real young. R71, agreed, he looked good in the movie, but he should have been shirtless more.

He never went to college yet he took the time to educate himself on a wide range of topics. i'm too lazy to google but i remember he liked jazz and collects vinyls, 45s or 8 tracks or whatever those relics are called..i wouldn't put it past him to "steal" allegedly, lots of actors "research" their roles...i think Keanu Reeves was caught scalping tickets outside of a stadium once but was let go. It's a free world :)Exactly how would R45 KNOW for sure the guy is straight? I just read on the Glee thread that Criss posted a Face Book message talking about how much his life has changed since getting cast on the show. Sean Young looked a eecade older than him and awful with the bleached hair. He was dating a female hairdresser when she knew him, and his girlfriend made a huge scene on the set after finding out he was having sex with her friend, who was a "she-male."There have always been 'net rumors that he was gay or bi, and kinky.

Matt Dillon, an American actor, is currently single after his breakup with the actress Roberta Mastromichele in 2014.

Among his 12 relationships, his relationship with Cameron Diaz, an actress, with whom he spent his love life for three years and broke up in 1998, was most famous one.

When it comes to age, career, ethnicity; her boyfriends are all over the map. Trage deinen Namen, deine E-Mail-Adresse und dein Land ein.Lade dir als einer der Ersten die Marry Me Smartphone App herunter und richte dein Marry Me Profil vollständig ein.It's hard to imagine Dillon ever needing money enough to snag tips or a tip jar or whatever. I haven't seen him in ages, don't know if he still lives on the Upper West Side, or if he just found other places to go. Had people swear to me they'd seen him the night before at some gay club or with some guy when I knew exactly where he was the night before. I think he's a sex addict and not in the new Hollywood I cheated on my wife because.... True about liking them young but not illegally young. Movies like Drugstore Cowboy seemed to appeal more to him than mainstream. After Crash he dedicated a lot of time to the movie he eventually starred in and directed. HIS parents didn't rake him over and they invested well.But if he really did that, it would be enough to get me over what crush I still have on him. Couldn't really tell you now, but he was hitting on these girls when he was close to 20 years older than them. The joke was that you were basically a dog if he DIDN'T hit on you. I used to bartend at a place in the west village called Bar D'o. When you start getting it handed to you by the hundreds at such a young age how do you scale back to monogamy? No heroine either alcohol was his drug of choice and he's been clean for years. Again, I don't know his financial details but he's hasn't been kicked out of a trailer park.

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I have to admit one of my childhood crushes was on Matt Dillon. i was a waitress/bartender and these stories get passed around, how true, not sure but just what i heard. They pick up on reflexive adulation - dilated pupils, flushed skin, a faster heart beat. These are straight guys who also know their luxury brand names. While not gay, they do know when guys are attracted to them and seem to do anything to keep attention focussed upon themselves. And Matt always remained NY based so he didn't really network as much in LA.

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