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But there’s even more pressure for people devoted to their Christian faith who want a spouse equally devoted to his or her Christian faith.If you’ve dated much, you know it’s not easy finding someone like-minded, well-matched, and in sync with your spiritual beliefs.Finding compatible singles in everyday life isn't always easy.We know that meeting someone who shares your passions and interests is important and here at Just Spiritual Dating there is someone for everyone.e Harmony understands that too, and that’s why our patented technology has helped so many Spiritual singles find meaningful relationships online for over a decade.We also understand how important location is in finding a match, and that Canadian singles are looking for people in their area who share their interests, beliefs and ideals, as well as their cultural heritage.

Just Spiritual Dating is a place for like minded singles to come together for spiritual connections, lasting relationships and beautiful friendships.We want someone who ‘gets’ us and someone we can deeply relate to as well. He was a very nice man and we both agreed we weren't a good match and that each of us would give feedback to the owners of the service. I have many friends with slightly different takes on life. I learn what they're really all about — by the indicator that speaks loudest of all: their behaviour. Most soulmate connections I know about unfolded slowly and the parties did not recognize each other in a blinding flash. I have at times, sought out spiritual dating sites because I want something deeper. I know I could date someone with different beliefs as long as they respected mine. and how large can the spiritual dating gap really be? On the flip side of this equation, I do have my beliefs which include reincarnation and energy, but I'm not horribly woo-woo. Maybe it's time to ditch the term spiritual dating. Though there may be a warm glow right away and a sense of comfort. Someone who is growth-oriented and who has the capacity to weather the storms that life brings to grow separately and together. As with everything in life, it comes down to each of us and the more we can do to grow ourselves, the more we'll have to offer another, and the more likely we'll attract someone on our wavelength. Check out astrological soulmate for some hints on this.

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