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Subsequently, the figure of Scyld was exported to Scandinavia and, though perhaps absent from autochthonous traditions, incorporated as accepted wisdom into written history and legend.

There is a lot of information available about pronunciation of Old English and the meter of the Beowulf poem. The following books have information on meter and pronunciation in Beowulf: Old English poetry is accentual and alliterative verse.

Beowulf, first printed in 1815, is an epic Old English poem that dates back to between the eighth and eleventh centuries.

The author is unknown, yet Beowulf is often regarded as one of the single most important works in Old English literature.

Since then the kings of Sweden were called Ynglings and those of Denmark Skjöldungs.

Scyld Scefing is the legendary ancestor of the Danish royal lineage known as the Scyldings.

Moreover, a consideration of Scandinavian place-name evidence shows that pre-medieval Scandinavian group-names in -, such an interpretation would have been familiar and logical in West Germanic contexts.

Accordingly, the figure of Scyld was likely back-formed by persons familiar with West Germanic naming practices and a Scandinavian form of , perhaps in an Anglo-Scandinavian context in Britain.

Rigg, Bruce Mitchell and Fred Robinson, Helmut Gneuss, Alan J.

He is the counterpart of the Skioldus or Skjöldr of Danish and Icelandic sources.

He appears in the opening lines of Beowulf, where he is referred to as Scyld Scefing, indicating he is a descendant of Sceafa, Scyld son of Scef, or Scyld of the Sheaf.

The Beowulf poet places him in a boat which is seen in other stories about Scef as a child in a boat.

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