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I'm having issues of files locking within a Functions App, that is preventing Continuous Delivery. NET DLL within the function, running a test, then attempting to deploy a new version of the referenced . Here are the steps needed to replicate the issue: Exception while executing function: Functions. mscorlib: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. The core DLL locking issue is however is not the point of me raising the issue, it's more about the Continuous Integration/Deployment customer story.

You mentioned you ran into this issue after a shutdown, which should indeed release all of those assemblies. You should run through the full set of steps to confirm with the latest build.

After this, I attempted to reference the new class library via a using statement, and VS shows an error claiming that the type or namespace does not exist. NET libraries again are as follows: Chiming in here with what seems like it might be another variation of this problem... NET and Web Tools 2015 (RC1 Update 1) 14.1.11120.0. I noticed when I removed the assembly that was causing the problem from the "dependencies" section in the and performed a build or executed "dnu restore" command that the issue still occurred.

I had to open up one of the files in the "wrap" folder for the "adminui.wqlqueryengine.dll" that had a "dependencies" section as well and remove it from there and then everything started to build and restore without any problems. Also what is relative folder structure of your solution root comparing to a project reference you are trying to add?

I was able to reproduce the issue in a new MVC6 solution created with the beta8 tools; I created a solution with a new MVC6 project and then added a class library (non-packaged) to the solution. It seems that if the files for the external references in wrap folder have a reference to the 'dnx451' framework than it seems this bug appears. I add an non-packaged library project to the solution and then adding it as a project reference in a web app does not cause this problem. NET and Web Tools 2015 (RC1 Update 1) 14.1.11120.0 Created a ASP.

The concepts are pretty broad and generally interchangeable across technologies but I’m picking .Re Sharper simply uses those assemblies, without needing to know how they were referenced.The assemblies’ metadata is available for use in Intelli Sense, importing namespaces, type navigation, etc.In the meantime, I guess I drop and create assemblies via the SSMS GUI -- and perform DROP and CREATE operations for all the dependent functions. I hope this helps someone else without filesystem access to their servers.Assemblies and script the creation of the Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft will make this a first-class operation in SSMS someday, but this is a fairly easy workaround until they do.

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