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That said, and despite the failure of the "droopy drawers" bill, the tide now appears to be turning, and turning fast.

My files are far from exhaustive, but they overflow with examples.

I know I would love the weather and the laid back athmosphere.

My big questions are: how is dating life there for a 31 year old single girl like me?

But still be willing to acknowledge the pain and hurt.

If anything, the tendency in late-twentieth-century America was in exactly the opposite direction—toward moral laissez-faire."Underwear is called underwear for a reason—because it is normally worn under your clothes." This explanation was offered to fellow legislators earlier this year by a member of Virginia's House of Delegates.

It came amid a searing floor debate over a measure introduced by Algie T.

The House of Delegates passed the bill by a wide margin, but then, in the face of nationwide ridicule, a committee of Virginia's senate convened a special meeting and killed it.

During most of my lifetime America has been a land where governments took little regulatory interest in the nanobehavior of everyday life.

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