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Through her stand-up routines, television shows and film appearances, the US comic has tackled subjects such as Aids, the Holocaust, rape and race with eye-watering directness.Expertly phrased, politically incorrect one-liners such as "I was raped by a doctor.Essentially, everything to do with the general flow of traffic in my vagina came late." It's with more discernible melancholy that she discusses the depression that enveloped her at 14, and led to her being sent to a series of therapists.The first, Dr Riley, prescribed a hefty dose of Xanax and told her to come back after a week.At Richmond Practice our paediatrician offers a thorough assessment with urine testing, urination diary and ultrasound.

In her autobiography, Silverman turns her mordant humour on herself, revealing with almost masochistic detail her troubles with bedwetting that went on well into her teens. "My period came late, my ability not to go off like a fucking lawn sprinkler every night came late, and sex came late.

If there are no problems during daytime, it is quite normal for a child to occasionally wet the bed at night until the age of 6 years in girls and 7 years in boys. However, if it were to happen while on a holiday with friends for example, it may cause the child a major emotional problem. The doctor can prescribe a short course of a medication that will reduce urine production during the night.

If your child is usually always dry at night and has no problems during daytime, bedwetting then may be due to stress (perhaps after the arrival of a new sibling.) You should always see a doctor to rule out a bladder infection and other, rarer, conditions.

If there are problems with urinating during the daytime too you should see a doctor for further assessment.

Consult your doctor if: If the doctor finds no medical reasons for the urinary incontinence, bedwetting alarms and/or acupuncture might be an option.

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