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After a rash of sexual assaults allegedly committed by suspects including asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve, the Germans have been on a mission to re-educate migrants, especially males, about sexual norms in the West.

It starts in kindergarten, where small children are crowned Birthday Prince or Princess for the day; other children and staff alike must then accommodate the every whim of the birthday royalty: “But which game does the birthday boy want to play, young Christian? And having experienced this temporarily tyrannical status at a formative age, adult Germans do not relent on making the most of their birthday either.

Majdanek was burned in attempt to mask its presence as the Germans retreated from the region but the remains of gas chambers were evident.

This was the first major concentration camp discovered by those fighting against Germany, and the evidence found was a brutal confirmation of the rumors of the existence of such camps.

The author bases her claims in large part on reports kept by Bavarian priests in the summer of 1945.

The Archbishop of Munich and Freising had asked Catholic clergy to keep records on the allied advance and the Archdiocese published excerpts from its archive a few years ago.

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